UPDATE POSTED ON OFFICIAL WEBSITE – Mountain Side Clubhouse Still Does Not Have A Certificate of Occupancy

Nearly 9 months after the Mountain Side Condominium Clubhouse remodel began, the clubhouse still has no Certificate of Occupancy nor has the official website been updated since October 3, 2013. Owners emailed the Mountainside HOA BOD, again, asking for a status and offering assistance. Following is the email sent on October 19, 2013

Work Performed by Mark Fossett and SBR Builders and Renovators, Breckenridge, Colorado. http://www.sbrcolorado.com

Interesting that the Town of Frisco is presenting a Federal ADA issue after the fact.

Clubhouse remodeling expense update:

November-12 CHR #4 Locker Room design $2,480.00
December-12 CHR #5 Architect services $560.00
January-13 CHR #6 Architect services $1,560.00
April-13 CHR #8 Architect services $1,602.70
April-13 CHR #9 Clubhouse remodel payment to SBR #1 $34,758.00
June-13 CHR #10 Tile for clubhouse remodel $22,606.45
July-13 CHR #11 Clubhouse remodel payment to SBR #2 $41,469.81
Sept-13 Clubhouse remodel payment to SBR #3 $20,000.00

Total spent so far: $125,036.96 and still no certification of occupancy.



Dear Mountain Side Owners,

October 20th
We are continuing to work with the Town of Frisco to identify and accomplish the ADA items they require for a Certificate of Occupancy for the Clubhouse. Once we have a clear list of what the Town will accept, the work will be done by the contractor.


If we don’t receive a response or we receive and inadequate response, we’ll be going to the county offices and pull the documents ourselves to find out the status.

From: Terry
Sent: Saturday, October 19, 2013 7:37 PM
To: ‘wmeek@outlook.com; ‘ethangibson@hotmail; ‘artburger@comcast.net
Cc:; ‘phil@mountainmanagers.com; ‘SPONDS@YAHOO.COM; ‘sdsmith4u@hotmail.com; ‘dcacace@chatfieldconsulting.com; ‘ptp100@comcast.net

Subject: RE: Clubhouse

Mr. Meek,

I apologize for the re-send. I meant to copy the HOA Board member that supervised the project, Mr. Gibson, and the HOA Webmaster, Mr. Burger, on this as well.

What is the status of the clubhouse and when will it be completed?

A complete answer would be appreciated as the Certificate of Occupancy has not yet been issued and the official HOA website has not been updated since October 3, 2013. Likewise, we are IN ski season and the clubhouse is important to owners and renters.

If this is a town problem as was posted on the official HOA website (see below), then let’s demand that the town adhere to their original agreement and approval. Certainly we have options if Rick Weinman’s department already approved and agreed to the project and then changed that approval after the fact. Now is the time to explore those options.

Has the HOA received a written response for the reason for the change from Rick Weinman’s office? Would it be helpful if owners contacted him directly and voice our concerns and disapproval?

We are updating our website and your input would be helpful.

Following is the official HOA update quoted as posted:

“October 3, 2013
Dear Mountain Side Owners,
The Clubhouse renovation is not completed. The general contractor is dealing with issues with his original tile subcontractor and is ready to do remedial work with a new subcontractor. This remedial work will be accomplished as soon as the architect has resolvedsome ADA issues with the Town of Frisco. It was thought that these issues were solved at permitting in June, however the Town now has decided to change their viewpoint.
We’ll keep you informed as new information becomes available.
Thank you.
Agent for Mountain”

Thank you,

Terry Miller

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