UPDATED ON 01/18/2013 – HOA WIFI BALLOT 01/05/2013

As the ballot submitted by the HOA didn’t include any information regarding the COMCAST offer, we felt that owners could not make an informed decision. We contacted Comcast directly and obtained a copy of the proposal. You can find it here.

As you can see from the email below, the complex will need to undergo complete rewiring before the internet service can be started.

The representative on the phone indicated that wiring may occur in April or early May and will be time consuming (will take 2 to 3 weeks). Therefore under the COMCAST option , complex wide internet couldn’t occur prior to early June. She also indicated that the current proposal expired at the end of 2012 and that the rates may increase in March of 2013.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Curd, Debbie
Date: Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 9:31 AM
Subject: Comcast cable Internet
To: “Joelle”

Hi Joelle,
Thanks for taking time on the telephone to consider Comcast Internet service for the Mountainside Condos. As I mentioned, Comcast must complete the wiring upgrade at the property to ensure you receive the best possible Internet signal. As you get closer to a decision, we’ll need to revisit the rates for 2013. I’ve attached a proposal sheet that details the features and benefits of Comcast high speed Internet.

Thank you for your Time!

Debbie Curd
MDU Account Executive
625 S. Lincoln Avenue, Ste 205
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
(970)870-6225 ext.2510217
(970)846-5696 cell
24/7 Bulk Customer Support 888-895-6504
The HOA has asked all the owners to submit the following ballot regarding complex wide WIFI internet.

WIFI internet ballot

Thank you for submitted your opinion by the deadline.

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2 Responses to UPDATED ON 01/18/2013 – HOA WIFI BALLOT 01/05/2013

  1. jmiller says:

    We submitted the following answer to the survey:
    Per the letter, this should be a ballot regarding WI-FI installation: “Mountain Managers has been directed to send out a ballot with the minutes asking owners to vote either for or against the installation of Wi-Fi.” However, this option is not available in the response.

    If owners are in favor of WIFI, why must they automatically be accepting service through COMCAST?

    How about other cheaper alternatives? Based on the informal survey last June (http://mountain-side.com/owners/?p=296), few owners are willing to spend $25/month for Internet. Most would agree to a fee of up to $15/unit. Have you researched other options such as Cobianet? If so, why was it not considered?

    The ballot should contain another option such as:
    I am in favor of having WI-FI installed in all units. I am choosing the following viable option:

    We are in favor of having WIFI installed in all units. However, we would prefer a different option besides COMCAST. If COMCAST is the only viable option, we would like to know why all others have been excluded and receive a complete description of the COMCAST offer:

    a) will each unit require an individual modem and router?
    b) what is the speed that COMCAST offers?
    c) would the network be WEP/WPA password protected?
    d) Will it allow movie streaming?
    e) will the HOA be locked into a time defined contract, similar to our TV programming and be subjected to the same 6% increase we see for this TV programming each year?
    f) what are the conditions for cancellation of this service if it doesn’t perform as stated? Would a vote from all owners be required?

    The survey is just not detailed enouth for us to make an informed decision.
    Thank you!

    Joelle and Terry Miller
    D-317, E279 and G-206

  2. westerwick says:

    Joelle identifies many of the problems with the ballot issue. The board seems to have become fixated with the concept of WiFi, which is a loosely defined concept for wireless internet. At any given moment, I can pick up signals from between 30 and 40 wireless routers that owners have installed at our end of the condomiums (D Building), and know that there are many in the other buildings as well. This indicates that many, if not most, of the owners have figured out how to obtain internet and set up wireless routers.

    I think most would be interested in finding a cheaper alternative to the individual service options we have today, and as I mentioned above, most already understand how to manage wired and wireless internet in our units. Many of us use both wired and wireless, and would incur additional costs if we were to convert all of our wired equipment to use wireless. If the board could negotiate with Comcast to provide us wired internet at a reasonable rate, that would be a far more valuable service than trying to force us into some unspecified wireless contract, where we have no idea what level of service we receive and no options to improve that if we are in a location where we can’t receive their signal.

    I urge everyone to vote against this proposal, and would ask the board to look into other options for wired internet instead of concentrating solely on wireless service.

    Greg Westerwick
    Unit D357

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