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The Mountain Side complex is a friendly condo complex with 201 units located in a beautiful setting in the town of Frisco in Colorado (Summit County). The complex is bordering the national forest and features stunning mountain views.

This privately owned complex is striving to maintain peaceful and pleasing environment for all homeowners to enjoy. Owners take pride and work together to ensure that the Mountain Side Condo complex remains updated, attractive, competitive compared to other newer properties being built in town and a great place to live/visit.

The complex’s prime location in town combined with low density buildings spread out throughout the property and a centrally located clubhouse makes Mountain Side a very special place.

The official Mountain Side HOA website has not been updated since 2004. This website has been created so that owners can have a platform to communicate,  exchange information beyond what is available through the Board of Directors meeting minutes and share ideas.

Feel free to create an account and post your thoughts and/or pictures under the ‘news’ tab.

We love Mountain Side and hope that exchanging information will make it an even better place!

Disclaimer: This website is not maintained or endorsed by the Mountain Side HOA board.

  • The official website for the HOA Board of Directors for both the Mountain Side condos and the townhomes can be found at www.mountainsidecolorado.com.

Opinions and ideas expressed by users of this website are not necessarily those of the board. If you have any problems or suggestions regarding the use of this website, please contact info@mountain-side.com

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