WIFI High speed internet

Are you interested in WIFI High Speed Internet in your unit?

The current options are the following:

– Clubhouse use: The Clubhouse currently offers WIFI high Speed internet through the HOA. In order to use the internet, you will need to visit the Clubhouse during open hours (10:00am to 10:00pm) and use it either when sitting on the benches with your laptop next to the swimming pool or go upstairs and sit in the hallway (the upstairs clubhouse is always locked). The furniture located in the hallway are not very comfortable and one of the chairs is ripped.

– subscribe to WIFI high speed internet for your unit through:
1) Century Link: prices as of 05/15/2012 are $34.95 for 1.5M or 5M, with a 12 month service agreement and a $99.00 +14.95 shipping for the modem cost (if you choose to purchase) or $5.95/month to lease it. Cost after the 12 month will be $40/month.

2)COMCAST Internet: $29.99/month for the first 6 months; $7.00/month to lease a modem. $44.99/month after 6 months. Speed: up to 5M.

– Ask the HOA to subscribe to a bulk WIFI High speed internet provider such as COBIANET. http://cobianet.com/ already provides condo complexes in the area with complex-wide WIFI internet at very low prices (as low as $15.00/unit/month for similar speeds). They don’t require any time commitment, do not charge any installation fees, and do not charge for any equipment. The local Cobianet representative is:
David Dean
Sales Representative
Cobianet, Inc.
888-840-6188 x202

The subject of complex-wide WIFI internet comes up regularly at meetings but the HOA representative have not been interested in researching it further. If you would like to have WIFI in your unit at a very reasonable cost and perhaps even without additional cost (the current monthly dues may be able to cover it), please contact your HOA representative and request that this discussion be put on the next meeting’s agenda. Cobianet’s sales representative would be happy to present their products and provide a quote.

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